Alexandra Laham & Nyren Mo | April 1, 2022 London, ON – As the city prepares to build a rail underpass on Adelaide St. north, Londoners we spoke to said they’re looking forward to avoiding major train tie-ups. City council has decided to to reconstruct Adelaide from Central Ave. toContinue Reading

By: Henry Standage | April 7, 2022 With the release of his new album, indie rock artist and Western sociology student Connor Tanton is finally going solo.  As he headed into his last year of academia, Tanton’s former bandmates (and housemates) had already graduated, leaving his music career at aContinue Reading

MMJC for Western Journalism Studio As we get ready to leave classrooms for newsrooms, it can be hard to imagine how we will go from pitching our first stories to chasing our first high-profile source.  We asked journalists in the field what it takes to make it in this business.Continue Reading

Cassandra Coleman | March 22, 2022 A proposal to extend mask mandates in London was met with scrutiny at a city council meeting on Tuesday.  While some councillors called the extension “necessary,” others saw it as “divisive” and “confusing.” The proposed extension – which would implement a mask bylaw inContinue Reading