Maya Fernandez / London, Ont. / March 23, 2023

Canadian-born artist, the Weeknd, has been named the world’s most popular artist by Guinness World Records after reaching the most monthly listeners on Spotify. We asked Western University students their thoughts on this news:

Madison Montgomery, second-year MIT student. “I’m surprised that it’s the Weeknd and not Justin Bieber. I feel like a lot of people grew up listening to Justin Bieber, and most of his songs go viral and he is very popular right now.”

Michael Wilson, third-year MIT student. “I am surprised it’s the Weeknd. I don’t listen to him all that much, I thought for sure Drake or Taylor Swift would be up there. Personally, my favourite artist is Ryley Green, he’s a country singer.” 

Angelli Aly, a physiotherapy master’s student. “I agree with the Weeknd being the top artist of the year. I like his music, though he is not my favourite artist – my fav is Taylor Swift. But he is like third on my list.”

Julian Palazzo, third-year mechanical engineering student. “He’s definitely a great artist, but there are a lot of others that make good music. If the Weeknd was the most popular last year, I would understand his album was in the top charts. Still, music has been kind of bad lately.”

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