Leah Williams, Western Journalism Studio Feb 4, 2022 Margaret Stewart hand-painted “Man Up Trudeau” on a metre-long piece of drift-wood display outside her Wortley Road home in London, Ont., in solidarity with the truck-convoy protests that have been taking place across Canada. The sign, which Stewart said took her fiveContinue Reading

Josh Goeree, Western Journalism StudioFeb 4, 2022 With Valentine’s Day just 10 days away, London resident Nima Farasat said he thought he could make a lucky customer happy by selling a potato on Facebook Marketplace in the shape of a heart. Farasat is selling the valentine root vegetable for $20.Continue Reading

Naomi Barghiel, Western Journalism Studio Feb 4, 2022 Amid the recent snowstorms, downtown London’s Black Walnut Café continues to warm people’s stomachs and hearts with their outdoor signs. In cursive handwriting, Thursday’s chalkboard read: “Warm your Cinnamon Hearts with our Cinnamon feature Latte.” Underneath was a Valentine’s Day themed drawingContinue Reading

Cristina Pietrantonio, Western Journalism StudioFeb 4, 2022 Signs posted at  one of Western University’s affiliated colleges Friday contained instructions that conflict with the school’s COVID-19 masking requirements, creating confusion for staff and students.  The signs  at Brescia University College, which request students wear “non-medical face mask[s]” contradict with the messaging onContinue Reading

Griffin Jaeger, Western Journalism StudioFeb 4, 2022 London, Ont. — It’s not every day you find yourself enticed to stare through the window of someone else’s home. That’s until you take a walk down Craig Street in London, Ont.’s Wortley Village and stumble upon a small sheet of paper decoratedContinue Reading

Harrison Cook, Western Journalism Studio Feb 4, 2022 After a two-year hiatus due to pandemic restrictions, the free slice sign is back at London’s most notorious pizzeria, Stobie’s.  Tragically, Stobie’s stopped giving out free slices when the pandemic took hold in March 2020. Verifying names and selling individual slices wasn’tContinue Reading