Leah Williams, Western Journalism Studio
Feb 4, 2022

Margaret Stewart hand-painted “Man Up Trudeau” on a metre-long piece of drift-wood display outside her Wortley Road home in London, Ont., in solidarity with the truck-convoy protests that have been taking place across Canada.

The sign, which Stewart said took her five hours to construct on Saturday, is a show of support for Stewart and her husband’s transport-driving friends  who are opposed to vaccine mandates.

After building it, she put it in her front garden to maintain her personal standards for the yard.

“My husband and I are proud to stand with the truckers, but that doesn’t mean we need a gawdy? or distasteful display to deface our home, she said”

I think here you need a background paragraph, just explaining what the protests are and how they started. That would lead into your next line.

While the convoy is no longer connected to trucker or vaccine mandates because other groups of people with a wide range of demands have joined the protests,   Stewart said that their connection to the trucker community is what drives her and her husband’s support.

Stewart says the sign has generated multiple reactions from her neighbours and cars driving past, and proudly states, “the message is being received. We are being heard. I pay no mind to any opposers.”

Where most signs display a piece of flimsy cardboard, paper or other temporary material, Stewart used wood for this sign. Opting for a long-term and aesthetically pleasing set-up, Stewart says, “it’s a reflection of how our message is here to grab attention that lasts through all the Liberal government’s flaking.”

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