MMJC for Western Journalism Studio As we get ready to leave classrooms for newsrooms, it can be hard to imagine how we will go from pitching our first stories to chasing our first high-profile source.  We asked journalists in the field what it takes to make it in this business.Continue Reading

Catherine Danko, Western Journalism StudioFeb 4, 2022 Cement, succulents and a whole lot of skulls. That’s all it took for a single mother and avid planter in London, Ont. to start an online side hustle. During the pandemic, Meghan Coneybeare started making concrete flower pots to keep her creative juicesContinue Reading

Leah Williams, Western Journalism Studio Feb 4, 2022 Margaret Stewart hand-painted “Man Up Trudeau” on a metre-long piece of drift-wood display outside her Wortley Road home in London, Ont., in solidarity with the truck-convoy protests that have been taking place across Canada. The sign, which Stewart said took her fiveContinue Reading

Josh Goeree, Western Journalism StudioFeb 4, 2022 With Valentine’s Day just 10 days away, London resident Nima Farasat said he thought he could make a lucky customer happy by selling a potato on Facebook Marketplace in the shape of a heart. Farasat is selling the valentine root vegetable for $20.Continue Reading