Catherine Danko, Western Journalism Studio
Feb 4, 2022

Cement, succulents and a whole lot of skulls.

That’s all it took for a single mother and avid planter in London, Ont. to start an online side hustle.

During the pandemic, Meghan Coneybeare started making concrete flower pots to keep her creative juices flowing, but her success turned it into a part time gig. 

“I was stuck at home all the time,” she said. “[The business] started at my kitchen counter, then moved to my kitchen table and eventually to a full set up in my basement.”

Now after a typical day at the office, Coneybeare comes home, cooks dinner for her kids, and tucks them into bed before she heads downstairs to hand pour cement and craft her items. 

She makes about 10 items per week, all of which she sells on Instagram and Facebook Marketplace, with her most popular item being skull cement planters.

“They sell like hotcakes,” she said.

 Coneybeare’s skull succulent cement planter has become a hot item on Facebook Marketplace.

Coneybeare doesn’t necessarily like the look of skulls, but she says the interest is high because of its uniqueness.

“You wouldn’t find something like this anywhere on Amazon,” she said. “It’s not my thing, but they always attract a niche market, like people who collect different skull items, or have skull tattoos.”

Coneybeare started selling her skull planters last Halloween; they sold out within days. She stopped making them due to her busy schedule, but has brought them back this year for Valentine’s Day. 

“I don’t always post them online, because whenever I do they’re pretty much the only item at my business that sells,” she said. “They’ve been the main pillar this week.”

Her business, Marie Anne’s Concrete Jungle, also sells plant kits, ring dishes, incense holders and more.

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