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By Leah Williams, Western Journalism Studio The Canadian government’s decision to extend the tuition freeze into the 2022-2023 school year may appear to be a positive move, but it comes at a cost.  Some students at Western University are in support of the extension but said it should be appliedContinue Reading

Denice Pepe | March 23, 2022 After a two-hour debate, city politicians voted 10-3 against reintroducing a mask bylaw in London. The emergency meeting was held to debate the motion co-signed by councillors Jesse Helmer, Maureen Cassidy and Stephen Turner to reintroduce local mask mandates in London public buildings aContinue Reading

Catherine Danko, Western Journalism StudioFeb 4, 2022 Cement, succulents and a whole lot of skulls. That’s all it took for a single mother and avid planter in London, Ont. to start an online side hustle. During the pandemic, Meghan Coneybeare started making concrete flower pots to keep her creative juicesContinue Reading