Soon-to-be high school graduates are flocking to London to find the perfect prom dress.

VIDEO: Celina Alders reports from Juniper Dress Boutique

Celina Alders and Emily Koppers | London. Ont | March 22, 2023

Some might say the most important day of your life is your wedding, or maybe the birth of your first child.

But for Grade 12s, it’s prom night.

At Juniper Dress Boutique on the corner of Fanshawe Park and Wonderland Road, Sindy Tarveski has mastered what it takes to find the perfect dress.

In fact, all prom dress stores have consultants who are there for you every step of the way.

“We try to let them know what styles suit their body types and we are kind of like the hype girls around here so we will tell them they look fabulous when they have something on,” Tarveski said.

Whether, you want simple or full bling, bright pink or black, choosing the right dress is a very lengthy process.

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