By Leah Williams, Western Journalism Studio The Canadian government’s decision to extend the tuition freeze into the 2022-2023 school year may appear to be a positive move, but it comes at a cost.  Some students at Western University are in support of the extension but said it should be appliedContinue Reading

Denice Pepe | March 23, 2022 After a two-hour debate, city politicians voted 10-3 against reintroducing a mask bylaw in London. The emergency meeting was held to debate the motion co-signed by councillors Jesse Helmer, Maureen Cassidy and Stephen Turner to reintroduce local mask mandates in London public buildings aContinue Reading

Cassandra Coleman | March 22, 2022 A proposal to extend mask mandates in London was met with scrutiny at a city council meeting on Tuesday.  While some councillors called the extension “necessary,” others saw it as “divisive” and “confusing.” The proposed extension – which would implement a mask bylaw inContinue Reading