Brown-Blake, Kathleen

MMJC, 2019 Fall

A House

VICKY QIAO – String lights, Christmas trees, garlands and wreaths – holiday spirit hit the City of London as soon as December arrived. Yet walking down Dundas St. in Old East Village, nothing seemed festive other than the Michael Bublé song playing through my headphones. Abandoned shopping carts; scattered newspapers andContinue Reading

Woman on a computer with a cell phone next to her

HAYLEY TUBRETT – The notification bell rings and your phone lights up. You see that someone snapchatted, messaged, or sent you a follow request. Is your immediate impulse to pick up your phone and check your notification? If so, then you’re not alone. For many university students, that reaction isContinue Reading

Chalk writing on sidewalk "Kindness Matters"

MEGAN KING – An anonymous Londoner is encouraging her community to compliment each other in 280 characters or less. A Twitter page called “Kindness Matters” works to encourage the London community to exchange niceties and support one another. The page founder, a London journalist who wishes to remain anonymous, foundedContinue Reading