Outage has interrupted internet and phone service to 15,000 customers locally

Western Journalism Studio | London, Ont. | March 21, 2023

VIDEO: Meaghan Churchill, Barts Telecommunications’ Director of Communications addresses nationwide service outage at the company’s London headquarters.

UPDATE 2:30 p.m.

Barts Telecommunications says that service is now fully restored, and that they will be automatically crediting all Barts customer accounts with a free month of service.

“We understand the inconveniences this has caused to our consumers. Everyone will be compensated…Next month is on us,” said Meaghan Churchill, Director of Communications at Barts Telecommunication.


Barts Telecommunications Company is currently experiencing an “unanticipated nationwide service outage.”

The outage is impacting 5 million customers nationwide, including 15,000 customers in the London-area.

Technicians are actively working to restore internet and phone service to Barts’ customers across Canada, according to a recent media advisory. The company says service is expected to be restored by the end of the business day.

Barts held a press conference at 11:30a.m. at their London, Ont. heaquarters, during which Meaghan Churchill, their Director of Communications, made a statement and took questions from the media.

“While we do not have a definitive answer as to what’s caused this interruption, what we do know is that this scale of outage is unprecedented in Canadian telecommunications history,” said Churchill.

Churchill emphasized that all of their customers still have access to emergency services through the outage.

In an attempt to address customers concerned for the security of their data, Churchill assured that their clients’ data remains secure and existing security measures remain functioning.

More updates to come.

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