Alexandra Laham, Western Journalism Studio
Feb. 4, 2022  

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An inspiring quote was handwritten on a sign in the fitting room at the Lululemon store at CF Masonville Place.
 (Alexandra Laham/Western News)

LONDON, ONT. – Lululemon at CF Masonville Place promotes diversity and inclusion through a positive message in their fitting room, to ensure their customers feel like they belong in the store.

The uplifting sign was handwritten by a Lululemon employee—who was unavailable for an interview—because she wanted everyone who walked into the store to know they are seen and valued, said Keagan Militante, Key Leader at Lululemon.

“At Lululemon, one of our core values is called ‘idea,’ which is inclusion, diversity, equity and action,” said Militante. “The sign promotes our values in a way that ensures that everyone, regardless if you’re a worker or a guest, is welcome in our store.”

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Lululemon displays signs of racism, discrimination, harassment and hate in the windows of their stores. (Elijah Schaffer/Twitter)

Militante said that diversity and inclusion are very important to Lululemon, so the sign being in the store is a “no brainer,” he said. “You’ll even see in our windows that we have signs that say we don’t tolerate racism or discrimination of any kind.”

“This sign represents our store’s core values,” said Megan Hughes, Educator at Lululemon. “It’s really nice to have the sign displayed for our guests and employees to constantly remember that they belong here.”

Hughes said having the sign in the fitting room is a symbol of togetherness and makes the significance more meaningful. “Since the fitting room is surrounded by mirrors, and you’re looking at yourself and see a nice quote on the wall that makes you feel included, it definitely can have an impact on your self-image,” she said. 

Militante said that when people see the sign, they feel more welcomed in the store because the fitting room is where a lot of guests spend their time and stop to read the board.

Hughes said she’s unsure why the employee who wrote the message picked that quote to display but had an idea why she might have chosen it. “I would like to guess she picked that quote because she wants our guests and employees to feel like they belong,” said Hughes. “And to know that Lululemon values them.”

Militante said the employee who wrote the message got inspiration from different signs online. He said they usually change the sign quarterly, but that quote has been up for a while.

“When you’re surrounded in an environment where there’s positive energy and positive things displayed around you, it definitely makes an impact on your experience at the store,” said Hughes.

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