By Hayley Tubrett —

Prime Minister Trudeau said the government made the right decision taking on the debt of Canadians in today’s press briefing.

The Prime Minister said 11 million Canadians received financial aid either through the Canada Emergency Response Benefits plan (CERB) or a wage subsidy. He said without these financial aids, Canadians would have had to put a lot of money on their credit cards, re-mortgage their homes and more.

Trudeau announced that later today the government will be releasing their “fiscal and economic snapshot” which will show the government’s debt due to these financial aids. 

Reporters told Trudeau that Canadians are concerned about how large the debt will be. Trudeau responded saying interest rates and the costs of loans are at a historic low, which will make it easier for the economy to recover. 

Ultimately, he said the government’s main focus has been and still is helping vulnerable Canadians, such as those with food, housing and childcare insecurities.

Also in the briefing, the Prime Minister told reporters that for the past two days, his government has been discussing ways to combat systemic racism in Canada. Moving forward, the government pledged to work with marginalized groups, such as Black and Indigenous communities, to “break down barriers,” he said. 

He also said he also will be reshaping the police services, as he understands they are contributors to systemic racism in Canada.

More to come.

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