By Vicky Qiao —

The Ontario government proposed new legislation that would allow it to extend or amend emergency orders beyond the provincial state of emergency.

Under the proposed legislation, which will stay in place for a year, the government could extend or amend existing orders like business closures and gathering restrictions a month at a time, but not create new ones.

At a news conference Tuesday, Premier Doug Ford said the government will continue enforcing orders guided by public health experts’ advice.

Bill 195 will help Ontario transition away from the declaration of emergency, said Solicitor General Sylvia Stones. Currently, Ontario’s state of emergency will end July 15, but a motion to extend it to July 24 will be introduced Wednesday, said Ford’s office.

Ford also said the government will assist front-line workers through transparent and supportive measures, including limiting long-term care staff to work at one home only and building healthcare facilities.

During the briefing, Ford was asked about Monday’s protest, when hundreds of tenants protested Bill-184—a new law that could make it easier for landlords to evict tenants.

Ford said he will always support tenants but opposes protests outside of the mayor of Toronto’s home. The bill helps hold landlords accountable for wrongful evictions, he said.

But critics say the bill does not protect tenants and actually makes it easier for landlords to evict after COVID-19 restrictions ease. They also worry that it will be problematic for people who don’t know their rights as tenants. 

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