SELENA ROMERO – Danna Rowan turned her hobby into a business – and now that business is about to get even bigger.

Rowan was a successful freelance web designer when she began to feel the effects of staring at a computer screen all day. Out of curiosity, she decided to learn how to make candles.

A few YouTube tutorials and lots of trial and error later, Rowan swapped staring at a computer screen for mixing new candle fragrances. Word of mouth and social media sharing of her dark glass candles with musky scents quickly spread, and Folklore Candle Company was born.

Originally sold through an online store, Rowan brought light to Richmond Row in April 2019.

“In order to grow you have to almost always take a risk. Like the storefront, I didn’t plan on opening a storefront,” she said.

Now, Folklore Candle Company is ready to continue growing; even if it means getting rid all of its product. A sign outside the storefront told passersby that all current candles would be discontinued.

As she looks to expand the business to wholesale, Rowan said it makes the most sense.

“When you are having to track and buy supplies for 30 active fragrances at one time it’s really hard… I’m the only person. It’s just me,” she said.

She plans on reducing the candle collection from 30 options to six brand new fragrances.

“When you think of luxury brands that are doing really well, they don’t have a ton to offer. They have a few things that they’ve really perfected,” she explained.

She added that lowering the number of options will also help cut production costs, and make it easier to move into the wholesale business.

While Rowan looks towards the next steps of her business, she is thankful for taking the risk of opening the storefront in the little 200 sq. ft. location near the intersection of Richmond Street and Central Avenue.

“There aren’t many vacancies of this size, in this area, that are good for a business starting out. A lot of businesses have started here, and then outgrown it and moved to bigger locations,” she said.

Previous tenants of the location include the dress store, Elizabeth Noel, and Brown & Dickson Bookstore. Considering the success of its predecessors, Rowan is excited for what’s to come for Folklore Candle Company.

This article was originally published on January 20, 2020 in Telling the Story using Integrated Media.

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