The campaign featured children styled in BDSM-style accessories.

Caroline Jones | London Ont. | March 22, 2023

VIDEO: Sam Chipera, Balenciaga’s Director of Communications addresses their controversial Holiday Gifts campaign.

Paris-based luxury fashion brand, Balenciaga, came under fire for its 2022 Holiday Gifts campaign.

The campaign featured images of children clutching teddy bears dressed in harnesses, chokers and other BDSM-style accessories.

Customers and critics have accused the company of intentionally alluding to child sexual abuse in their campaign.

At a press conference Wednesday, Balenciaga spokesperson Sam Chipera said that what was intended to be a social commentary fell flat.

“We value and prioritize the safety and well-being of children, and we deeply regret and apologize for our campaign,” said Chipera.

The Holiday Gifts campaign was an attempt to represent a loss of innocence on the internet, and raise awareness for child exploitation.

The brand plans to work closely as a team to ensure that future campaigns reflect their core values of authenticity, inclusivity, sustainability and responsibility.

Future campaigns will attempt to engage in a meaningful dialogue addressing important social issues.

Balenciaga will be partnering with charitable organizations such as Protect Us Kids, to make a tangible impact in protecting children and preventing child exploitation.

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